Despite only coming together last year, Brazilian indie rock ensemble Urso Polar have already managed to make quite an impact on the music scene. The material featured on their Soundcloud page alone has clocked up more than ten thousand plays in only a matter of months. It’s an impressive feat, but one that’s not at all difficult to understand given the wonderfully bright and colourful style of their work.

Made up of vocalist Bianca Rhoden, drummer Gabriel Fetzner, bassist Yuri Henke and guitarists Ariel Bordin and Henrique Martiny, the band are currently preparing to unleash their debut EP, We Don’t Mean That Much, upon the world. The four track compilation will be launched at the Positive Music Bar in their homeland’s town of Canela on May 1st. In anticipation of its release, the fivesome have chosen to share their splendid new single, “It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate”.

Bursting into a wonderfully rousing riff, it charges forward alongside vigorous percussion, immediately grabbing your attention. This enthralling instrumental introduction succeeds in captivating completely before the spirited melody of the first verse takes over. Superb vocals flow smoothly alongside guitars that continue to penetrate during a loud and lively chorus. The pace remains fast and forceful into the second verse, while the instrumentation is relentlessly energetic and enthusiastic. An arresting refrain just past the halfway mark is complemented by a cheerful clapping effect ahead of an exhilarating musical breakdown.

This delightfully uplifting rock anthem excites and thrills throughout it’s near five minute run time. Its pleasant, accessible execution represents another huge success for Urso Polar, reaffirming that the Gramado natives are more than capable of accomplishing great things within the music industry. Head on over to Soundcloud now to experience “It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate” for yourself, along with two other offerings, our review of which you can read here. All three tracks are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

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