Formed in 2011, Oxford band Vagueworld have this month released their second EP following Don’t Forget Me in early 2014. The band, whose line up was whittled down from four to three in early 2012, under the stewardship of songwriter and frontman Luke Allmond, have released four new tracks free to download on SoundCloud.

The title track, “Regret Everything Immediately Forever” breaks into overdriven guitar and  creates a sound reminiscent of a British Blink 182, which may not be the ambiance they are looking to achieve considering they state Radiohead’s early work as one of their core influences. The song has its moments and Allmond’s voice is in it’s own way unique, but the vocals fall into the trap of peaking in its energy levels early, leaving it little room to elevate the track beyond anything achieved within the opening verses.

The beginning of “Something Bad” is slower and commendable as the band do not give into the all-too-familiar formula of exploding into a driven guitar riff after a brief, muted intro. Instead, prolonging the detonation until almost three minutes into the song, enhancing the impact greatly and resulting in an impressive end to the track.

The penultimate song of the EP, “Because I can”, begins as a slower number utilising echoing vocals and waltz’ us through an enjoyable melody that inevitably builds to a salvo of percussion and guitar that completes a song that is enjoyable, but may fail to capture the imagination of the listener.

“Probably Nothing” provides the best melody of the EP and is easily the most memorable, but the instrumental components fail to match it. As with the previous tracks, there is clearly a talent within Allmond to create pleasing, original songs but the sound currently lacks a confidence and authenticity that may be found in time.

The EP certainly becomes more appealing and likable after a several listens but it may lack the catchiness necessary to ensnare potential fans on the first listen. If the Oxfordshire band can add another element to their creations, they may be able to separate themselves from the pack.

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