British based Italian artist Valerio Lysander kicked his career into high gear two years ago when he unleashed his dexterous debut EP, Tidal Metal Head. Since then, he’s become a familiar fixture on the London live scene, exciting audiences all around the city with his invigorating variety of baroque pop tunes. Most recently though, he joined forces with fellow musicians Leo Polchar, Ronald Maas, Joanna Roberts and Gregorio Lucchese to forge a friendly new track entitled “Ryan”.

It commences with a collection of quirky keys that trot cheerfully towards an onslaught of extremely sunny singing. The vibe remains vivacious throughout the uplifting first verse as exceptionally effervescent vocals reverberate rousingly across an ocean of optimistic instrumentation. It all eventually arrives at a wonderfully rosy chorus, during which the music and melody become increasingly vibrant and vigorous.

A sanguine second stanza ensues afterwards, enthralling through its chirpy delivery until it passes the torch to another inescapably absorbing chorus. This paves the path to a laid-back but bracing breakdown just past the two minute mark before a fantastically fervent final refrain takes over to bring about a boisterous finish.

The result is a stupendously spirited song that’s loaded with life and vitality. Its cordial combination of hypnotically heartfelt harmonies and upbeat orchestral instrumental elements is guaranteed to turn even the most pronounced of frowns upside down. If you live in Cambridge, you can catch Lysander live at the Craft Beer and Cider Festival at 6 pm on Saturday September 24th, but in the meantime “Ryan” is available for download from Bandcamp now.


Valerio Lysander

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