Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Vanessa Peters released her new album, With The Sentimentals on Jan 20th. This album is a follow up to her critically acclaimed album, The Burn The Truth The Lies. With this in mind, expectations were high for this album. Like her previous work, Peters carries on her tradition of writing very well rounded songs taking inspiration from folk and Americana music in this album.

Peters comes from a creative writing background, where she studied this at university. Her original goal was to pursue a career as a novelist. This is very evident in her songs with her lyrical style. She conjures up distinctive imagery and stories in her songs, however it is not too progressive from previous work.

This album consists of ten songs. If you are familiar with Peters work you will recognize some of these songs as three are covers of songs from her own back catalogue. We are also treated to a cover of “Pacific Street”, originally recorded by Hem. Peters’ version is somewhat more uplifting and positive sounding than the original.

The band that accompany her on this album are The Sentimentals. A three piece Danish-Americana band based in Copenhagen. Peters first toured with these musicians back in 2007, and since then they’ve become very close friends. The Sentimentals add a very interesting element to Peters music. Peters voice can be described as soft and delicate, and so The Sentimentals job is accompany her with equally delicate musicianship. They do this with a restrained playing style; soft drum hits, warm bass tones, and chiming guitars that add a very pleasant, and charming sound to her songs. This can be seen especially in the covers of her own songs.

For stalwart fans of Peters this will be a welcome album, full of songs that she is well renowned for. Sweet, quirky, honest. This is an all round solid album, but despite this, it didn’t exceed expectations. The covers are very interesting to measure how much she has grown as a musician, but out of her new songs Light is the only one that really stands out. Albeit, it is still enjoyable, and fans of folk-Americana music will still relish it. Peters is planning a rigorous European tour to accompany this album, but unfortunately an Irish date has not been added yet.