Originally teaming up in 2013, Italian artists Alessandro Vidal and Mattia Curmà draw their inspiration from early twentieth century jazz and contemporary pop/rock. The duo arrived on the London live scene last year, where they’ve been conquering the crowds at venues such as Torriano and Boogaloo and have even managed to win themselves a residency at Proud Camden. Right now though, the pair are wrapped up in the promotion of their upcoming EP, Another Plane.

The three track compilation starts as the light and airy riff of its eponymous entry dances delightedly into a merry melody that’s brought to life by some very vibrant vocals. It moves quickly towards a catchy chorus, the sunny and sanguine nature of which is irresistibly arresting. Continuing to skip serenely through even more upbeat instrumentation and happy harmonies, it’s a cheerful tune that’s exceptionally soothing.

“Tonight” is another enthusiastic offering that begins with an exciting electric riff. There’s an elated attitude to the vivacious verse, while the vocals have an effect that’s simultaneously easing and exhilarating. A captivating chorus ensues to add to the ecstatic atmosphere, before a short but stirring instrumental exhibition prefaces an effervescent ending.

“Never Say Again” follows by charging into a rapid riff which mesmerises as it sprints to meet a fast and fun melody. The rhythm remains relentlessly rousing as the swift second stanza takes over without pausing for breath. It all amounts to a supremely stimulating serenade, whose soft but spirited execution is incredibly uplifting.

Vidal and Curmà have put together a speedy and exciting record that makes for an extremely easy listen. The vivid vocals, invigorating instrumentation and amiable ambience of each of its anthems are guaranteed to brighten even the worst of moods. If you’re feeling down or distraught and in need of a pick me up, then Another Plane is the perfect solution. Keep an eye out for it when it hits on August 10th.

Vidal & Curmà: Another Plane EP review
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