Video Blue is the alter ego of Irish artist Jim O’Donoghue Martin. Born in the County Louth town of Dundalk, the singer/songwriter has been based in the London Borough of Hackney for the last three years. It’s in his home there that he creates his own unique brand of electro-pop. The latest piece of work that he has put together in this regard is an EP that he calls More Pop Troubles.

Featuring five tracks, O’Donoghue recorded and mixed the compilation himself in his bedroom, while additional vocals and rhythms were added back in his hometown and Potsdam, Germany, respectively.

The record begins with “Talisman” as an arresting beat kicks off behind some cutting synths. The piece saunters forwards unconcernedly as a light but lively melody ensues. A plethora of electronic elements also join in, penetrating while keeping the whole thing extremely animated. It’s all fused together fairly smoothly, even though it can be a little overwhelming at times.

“Mammies & Daddies” follows with a curious clicking effect that persists across a riff that builds through a pleasant melody. The tempo begins to increase just past the minute mark as a sense of anticipation is consistently generated by the composition’s progressive execution. It’s an altogether intriguing fusion of rock and electro-pop.

“Troy Bit” serves as a short interlude afterwards, during which chaotic percussion unfolds across the sound of a crowded room or street of some sort. This gives way to the sirens that blare out in the background of “Filmic”, while a gentle riff is joined by soft and soothing synths following the first verse. “Real Vernal” is a lot more reserved next, featuring slow burning instrumentation that grows constantly. It gradually increases in volume before reaching an abrupt halt and fading slowly out.

This is a simple and straightforward enough piece of work as a whole, ranking as an admirable effort for something that’s entirely homemade. Somewhat wild and raucous on occasion, more often than not it emits an upbeat but relaxed ambience as it develops. You can investigate More Pop Troubles for yourself on Video Blue’s Bandcamp page now.

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