In an introduction to Carron in June last year, our very own Dave Simpson described them as

“one act that is definitely worth taking the time to investigate”

They’re folksy pop done right, with harmonies that could melt the coldest of cockles. Marble Arch is another stunning piece to an already glimmering repertoire. We won’t go into Méabh and Mella’s full story here, but feel free to check them out on the above link. However, in the year or so since we’ve last covered them, they’ve gone from strength to strength.

Their debut EP ‘Roots’ is a growing up story, a musical bildungsroman. It sees a childhood progress to adolescence, through formative years to a more pensive adulthood.

We have an exclusive look at the new video for Marble Arch, an intimate insight into growing up from the perspective of two young girls, doing the things kids should do – blowing bubbles, making daisy chains, and going exploring. It’s indelibly sweet, but there’s more to it than that – especially when taking the ending into account. Seeing the video transition from darkness into light and back into darkness, you can’t help but think that it’s all just a fantasy – an escape from a troubled home. It’s a poignant series of images, and a setting all too familiar for a lot of kids.

“We felt this was an important message to illustrate, as there are many families who find themselves in similar circumstances – where children are left silenced by the conditions at home, and do all they can to distance themselves from it.”

The EP is available to purchase now on iTunes & Bandcamp.