VIDEO PREMIERE: Jerry Hull – Social Media Drama Queen

Memphis musician Jerry Hull has barely stopped to take a breath over the past two years or so, having churned out no less than three studio albums since the summer of 2015. Dabbling in the genres of rock, pop, blues, jazz and Americana, his latest compilation, Cherokee Moon, arrived online in August sporting a staggering twenty eight tracks which the singer considers to be his best work to date.

We here at Pure M are pleased to present our readers with an exclusive look at the video for the record’s newly released second single, “Social Media Drama Queen”. Its lyrics tell the tale of an individual who relocates to Las Vegas in an attempt to escape someone who’s hassling him with “crazed demands and insane pleas”.

The song itself begins with a buoyant beat before bursting into a barrage of pressing pianos and quirky crooning. It all trots enthusiastically towards an onslaught of energetic riffs at the start of the third minute. Another volley of vigorous vocals follows from here, enthralling atop a collection of characterful keys, gleeful guitars and playful percussion. This is succeeded by a raucous climactic chorus, which manages to put an appropriately passionate cap on the proceedings.

The result is a wonderfully rousing effort that doesn’t exhibit a dull moment. Its consistently upbeat attitude combined with its infectiously fervent sound should succeed in enticing a large listenership. If you like what you hear, you can find “Social Media Drama Queen”, along with the rest of Cherokee Moon, on iTunes now.


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