Alt-rock ensemble The Stoles have been floating around the scene for about four years now, conquering the crowds on stage at some of Ireland’s most illustrious venues and events. Made up of members Antonio Derosas, Andrea Crusco and Ciaran O’Neill, the Dublin based band are currently putting the finishing touches on their long-gestating debut album, which is due to drop in October 2016.

Right now though, Pure M is pleased to present the premiere of the video for its soon to be released lead single, “Getaway”.

The song itself begins with a biting bass line which gives rise to a sinister sound before teaming up with an intense riff to charge thrillingly towards the severe serenade of the verse. The vibe remains vigorous while the vocals resound expressively across acute instrumentation on the way to a cool chorus. It all stays extremely slick and stirring afterwards as another sobering stanza steps in to entice in the exciting second minute.

There’s an anxious air exuded by the persistently pressing refrain, affording the whole thing an urgent undertone that endures through to a bracing breakdown in the middle. Penetrating percussion paces purposefully beneath foreboding riffs and sharp singing from here until the spotlight shifts back to the bass to bring about a forceful finish.

The result is a fast and effective effort by The Stoles that keeps quick and compelling as it unfolds. Its melodic delivery and delightfully dark demeanour should enthral rock enthusiasts everywhere. Be sure to scroll down to investigate the video for yourself.

“Getaway” will be available for download from Friday July 8th with the act’s upcoming inaugural album, Ace of Deception, scheduled to succeed it in October.


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