Having been playing and performing on the local scene for many years, Vincent Lynch is certainly no newcomer to the world of music. A native of Cork, the singer/songwriter’s love affair with the art of composing originally began when he was fourteen years of age. Since young adulthood, Lynch has featured in numerous live shows across both Ireland and the UK, as a member of several different bands. It was a fateful meeting with a manager in 2007, however, that brought the artist down a new path paved with a fresh sense of creative freedom. Granted the opportunity to write and arrange his own material, this led to Lynch’s recent signing with Universal Music Group, meaning he can now unleash his own, self-styled sound upon the world.

New single, “It Was You”, is a track that displays his multi-genre approach to song writing. Beginning with a jazzy instrumental introduction, powerful vocals soon burst in with a catchy melody. Lynch’s impressively honed guitar skills are permitted to shine here, especially during a funky solo in the middle. Sampling elements of pop, rock and easy listening, it serves as an innocuous, radio friendly number.

“It Was You” can be found on Lynch’s Youtube channel, along with another of his efforts, named “You Inspire Me.” The latter is a “bonus” track from native Irish channel TG4’s travel/culture show, Féilte. The video for the song is a live performance featuring only Lynch and his guitar. Exhibiting a soft acoustic riff and affable, pleasant vocals, it demonstrates that he doesn’t need a studio to show off his abilities.

Lynch is an artist who is clearly more than capable of holding his own both instrumentally and melodically. Seeming extremely comfortable in the execution of his talent, he has forged a cordial and inoffensive brand of music for listeners to enjoy.

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