Vision the Kid is a rapper based in Minneapolis and co-founder of Be Easy Records. His debut album Lost Summer spent 10 weeks in CMJ’s Hip Hop Charts and the title tracks video was featured on He recently released his latest mixtape Golden Era. Vision’s sound is obviously strongly influenced by the east coast legends of the 90’s, such as Tribe Called Quest, Biggie Smalls and Wu-Tang Clan as well as some of their west coast contemporaries.

“Golden Era” is an obvious tribute to these heroes of rap. The entire mix tape runs for about 15 minutes with every song running seamlessly (except the change from side A to side B). Whether it’s from the lyrical content, with lines such as: “Everything was alright / Everything was all good / The 90’s were wild in my neighbourhood” or the beats which range from 90’s influenced to samples of classics, it’s obvious Vision has a lot of passion for the decade, there are even several lyrical nods to legends such as the Notorious B.I.G and Dr. Dre. Despite being a mixtape, it’s obvious a considerable amount of time and effort put into the lyrics and production.

All in all Golden Era is a touching homage to one of the most notorious eras in rap music. Even though it might just make you want to listen to the classics, it’s a fun 15 minute trip down memory lane.

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