Vivienne Monday

Vivienne Monday – Rely On Me single review

Enigmatic Irish artist Vivienne Monday emerged on the internet on April 1st to tease his upcoming album Modern Cruelty. While the Galway based musician hasn’t revealed too many details about his plans yet, one thing we can confirm is that his true identity is Karl Clews. Adopting an alias for his new project, the bassist/producer has begun to tease what he has in store by uploading a video for “Rely On Me” to Youtube.

The new single showcases a funky drum beat just ahead of a discreet bass line and reverberating vocals. It becomes increasingly more animated as it progresses, adding a plethora of musical effects that include a subtle but piercing riff in the second verse. It’s all very light and airy, unfolding with a relaxing rhythm that washes over the senses gently, making for a pleasant listen.

There’s also a heavy experimental vibe prevalent throughout as a diverse array of instruments are thrown into the mix. Monday is clearly having a great time playing around with them all, using disparate techniques to continuously change things up. That being said, the sound manages to remain consistent. All of the contrasting elements complement one another so that the piece is as smooth flowing as it is hectic. The result is a successful fusion of genres, ranging from pop to rock to jazz to R’N’B.

Almost as enthralling as the track itself, the music video features the artist performing against a white background that splits his head, torso and legs into different time frames. This means that it’s incredibly active in its simplicity, constantly switching between his playing guitar, bass and keys while showing off a variety of dance moves, all of which makes for a fun and amusing watch.

Given the mixture of styles here, it’s hard to know what to expect from the upcoming album, but it creates plenty of intrigue for its release. The character and personality exuded by both the song and its video give the impression that Monday is a natural showman and that whatever else it may be, his forthcoming work will surely be entertaining.