Voes are a three piece outfit from South Wales who have released two tracks from their forthcoming debut EP via Soundcloud. Having only being together for 18 months, their sound is both definite and confident.

The first track released from the EP in November 2014 is the powerful ‘Giants’. The track begins with a delicate piano piece, which gradually builds with the help of a pad string section to a dramatic and upbeat chorus. The use of both live and electronic drums helps to add a delightful intensity to the track. The same can be said for the use of the glitzy arpeggiated synthesizers which are used throughout the songs most energetic moments. The vocals stand strong during the entire track helped by the lush harmonies in both the build up to the chorus as well as the chorus itself. ‘Giants’ bares resemblances to the likes of dream pop duo Broods as well as previous work of Ellie Goulding.

The second track to be released by the three piece is the much softer and less dramatic ‘Hidden Sins’. With the absence of drums and synthesizers, the track is built around the sweetness of Harriet Whitehead’s vocals and Abby Williams’ building piano phrases. The vocal line has a sound reminiscent of some of Imogen Heap’s work due to the use of various harmonies. The final fifty seconds of the track stand out as the most absorbing as a result of the two separate vocal lines that appear at the same time. ‘Hidden Sins’ nods towards the work of London Grammar, a resemblance that is most definitely heard throughout both tracks.

From the two songs that have been released thus far, Voes should prove popular with fans of the outfits which they bare resemblance to. Both tracks follow a structured formula – a formula that has worked for previous ‘dreampop’ artists. I struggle to believe that Voes will draw in a new audience, but they could easily attract the attention of those who are already fans of the genre.

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