Welsh pop/rock ensemble Voes may still be relatively new on the scene, but they’ve been doing a fine job of making a name for themselves. Getting the year off to a flying start by having their track “Hidden Sins” featured on BBC Introducing, the trio recently hit the stage in support of The Vestals and Houdini Dax in Newport. On top of this, they were just named artist of the week by BBC Radio Wales at the beginning of April.

Considering how captivating their debut EP, “Let Me Stay” is, it’s no wonder that Voes have been enjoying so much recognition as of late. Beginning with the stirring opening of “Giants”, the record dives into a piercing piano introduction that goes on to build through a resonant harmony. That’s before percussion pounds in, acting as a bridge to a loud and vivacious chorus. It’s a pleasant inaugural number with a very poignant ambience.

Following a brief but affective musical interlude, “Only Wonder” erupts into cutting vocals and bracing instrumentation. It carries quite an urgent vibe as it builds to a rousing climax and remains consistently moving through its sobering sound. The solemn piano keys of “In Your Eyes” arrive next to preface a chilling melody that leads to an immense and bracing chorus. Its ethereal atmosphere and powerful vocals are extremely engrossing. The soft harmony and touching instrumentation of “Hidden Sins” cuts through the air afterwards, putting a subtle but haunting cap on the proceedings.

Voes have crafted a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring sound that makes for a very engaging listen. Each of the offerings on here are full of life and vitality, really drawing you in. It’s a splendid collection of deep and meaningful compositions that will appeal to a vast array of musical tastes. Let Me Stay is available for download from iTunes now.

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