Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Phantogram?
No! no matter how aesthetically similar these things may be to this band, they are in fact, not Phantogram ….as for the aviation characteristics of birds and planes. There are loads of high flying textures however much more impressive than terrestrial aviation. Begin EP by the Galway duo Voids, seems like it was handed down from space by the anthropomorphic “oneness” that we call the infinite consciousness…..: “Personally”.

Loads of big words there for a music article… who the fuck does this writer think he is? Russel brand?!

The EP starts off with appropriate backwards noise. “Begin”, takes you all the way back to the Nineties. The textures are deep, highly rhythmic and perfect sounding. The synth bass is typical of modern synth pop, but this track as a whole invokes a certain forlornness sonically and generally challenges you to think more about how lonely you really are on this godforsaken planet :D Some of the instrumentation on this track are very subtle and jump out at you upon repeat listens.

“Knowing”(hopefully named after one of the worst Nicholas Cage movies) is very reminiscent of “The Knife”, we are treated to quasi Japanese trad textures on the synth. This track screams personality, it’s a dronous affair peppered with enough subtle variations to keep you listening. The percussion on this track is tight and inventive with vocals that wouldn’t feel out of place in between Chino Moreno side projects.

My favorite on this EP is the final track “Crash and Burn”, everything about this song is next level. Writing a series of words to describe the emotion invoked by the song can be pointless at times, especially when there’s no current lexicon for this sound yet. Don’t worry, I’m not pioneering enough to spell it out for you, go listen to this EP!

Begin EP as a whole is a brilliant display of the power of two. The addition of acoustic bass gives for added flavour, the overall sound will take you to that third place that Sony music were talking about 14 years ago during their ps2 advertizing campaign….. Y’know the one with all the aliens? This EP stands out like the animation in The Simpsons did in 1989…..go buy it.