Waco sound ten years out of time as if they are transported from the era of the British new rock revival. In reaction to the success of The Strokes, The White Stripes and Kings Of Leon, a new wave of British bands returned rock music to the mainstream.

Waco fit perfectly with the eminent groups of that time. They have the swagger of Kasabian, the terrace chanting of Hard Fi, and brashness of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Pigeon Detectives.

On first listen, Jak Hutchcraft’s Yorkshire accent sounds incongruous amid the rollicking rhythm section and meaty guitars but it doesn’t take long to bed in and Waco embody all that was great about first wave punk. Abrasive like The Clash, shouty and indignant like Black Flag, and tuneful like Buzzcocks, with even a touch of Guns ‘N’ Roses to it, Deathless is a real treat.

“Cosmic prog punk” is how the band describe themselves but this is unfettered rock ‘n’ roll. Waco sound like a riot and you can imagine their live shows inspiring energetic pogoing, and probably a bit of slamming too.

The five songs here are hearty, heavy rock dressed in denim and leather, with lyrics indebted to The Small Faces and Dr. Feelgood. It’s their second EP. They promoted their previous offering by supporting Juliette And The Licks on their European tour so it will be interesting to see what they do next. The two bands are well suited too.

Dive into Deathless and get your recommended daily allowance of hot molten rock.