Since the release of his first video ‘Young Love’ four years ago now, Eli Lieb has been quietly working away releasing covers and singles. Coming from Iowa, Eli set off on his music career in New York City where he began songwriting and performing. Lieb released a debut solo album back in 2011 and was soon featured in US Weekly, Out and other major national and international publications.

‘Young Love’ has now gone on to score more than 7 million views and since then, his songs ‘Zeppelin’, ‘Lightning in a Bottle’, the cover of Selena Gomez‘s ‘Good For You, and his iconic collaboration with Steve Grand ‘Look Away’ and the emotional duet ‘Pulse’ with Brandon Skeie (for the Pulse Orlando victims) have been big hits with Eli’s growing fanbase.  Only a few months ago Eli released the single ‘Castles’ with stunning lyrics that resonated with listeners all over the world.

Eli released ‘Shangri La’ today portraying a new sound and artistic direction for the singer/songwriter. The ‘Young Love’ singer shows both creative growth and confidence in the visual which pairs beautifully with the help of Ike Winkler. With a new sound like ‘Shangri La‘ we’re excited to see what’s in store for the future.

Lieb is one of the biggest independent artists out there and is proof that you can be mainstream without the backing of a label.

Peep “Shangri La” below:

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