Watch ‘Under Your Skin’ – New single and video from Grace Wilde

Homegrown pop/rock outfit Grace Wilde have unveiled the accompanying video to their brand new single, ‘Under Your Skin’. You’d be forgiven for thinking Dublin-based Grace Wilde is the stage name of singer/songwriter Audrey Fay, but that’s only half the story. Alongside Fay is guitarist and producer Enda Duffy who far exceeds the task of merely accompanying the singer’s guitar and vocals.

Unafraid to break the bounds of the archetypal “vocals plus two guitars” dynamic, it’s clear that ‘Under Your Skin’ is a meeting of many influences, resulting in an interesting direction for the duo. With its four-on-the-floor drumbeat, haunting guitars and pulsating synths, this track couples the sound of a Gui Boratto house track with the energy of a Kasabian anthem. However, there are still many qualities unique to the duo. While Fay’s writing and powerful vocal performance demand attention and resonate with the listener, Duffy expertly heightens the emotive forces with his chilling lead guitar work. Recorded and produced alongside renowned engineer/producer James Darkin, hailed for his work as an electronic music producer in his own right, the track is then nicely rounded off by the driving electronic instrumentation.

The accompanying video for ‘Under Your Skin’ deeply reflects the song’s message which deals with a journey toward lowering one’s guard and allowing someone to enter our personal and emotional self, speaking to any listener on one level or another.  ‘Under Your Skin’ is a testament to the versatility and musicality of Grace Wilde, and with such an organic balance of songwriting, performance and production, Grace Wilde are certainly one to watch.

Grace Wilde – Under Your Skin

‘Under Your Skin’ is available now on iTunes. See for more info.