#Watch – Violet Sands share dreamy new video for “Drive”

Brooklyn-based dream-pop group Violet Sands have just unveiled a new video for their single “Drive.”

The video, directed by Christian Haberkern and starring Julia Vasi. The band’s lead singer Deidre Muro said, “It’s about someone who is resolved to move on – even in the face of self-sabotage and getting stuck in the past, she armors herself in a number of ways to get through it. There’s always been some magic in the catharsis of a long car ride… We loved working with Christian and how he interpreted the concept for our album and song with his magical style.”

Photo: Shervin Lainez

The music of Brooklyn-based Violet Sands is an ethereal soundtrack for a rite of passage, harnessing the alluring vocals of Deidre Muro (Deidre & the Dark, previously of Savoir Adore), the inventive production of David Perlick-Molinari (French Horn Rebellion) and the atmospheric guitar-scapes of Derek Muro (Love Like Deloreans, Mighty Five) to evoke the beauty and struggles of transitioning from one phase of life to another.

Following the June 30th release of their debut album, Hotel, Violet Sands are now sharing a futuristic noir music video for hit single “Drive.” The video, directed by Christian Haberkern, draws on the band’s nostalgic 90s influences and perfectly captures the mood of the song. We follow the journey of a girl (actress Julia Vasi) through vibrant desert landscapes toward the Violet Sands Hotel, which is enhanced by Haberkern’s stunning visual effects.

The song ‘Drive’ was started while Derek was still living in California, and it kept a lot of its warm, desert-highway vibe as it traveled to Brooklyn.

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