To be honest when I first opened the press release for this one my heart sank. I inwardly groaned and thought to myself not more tedious metal cobbled together by some morons with too much hair who take themselves far too seriously. However, thankfully I was completely wrong, proving once again that you cannot judge a book (or in this case an EP) by its cover.

The WAVE are two guys, Leif Wedin (Vocals, Guitar) and Steve Sherlock (Drums) based in Stockholm, Sweden who play frenzied paced, aggressive, heavy music. While listening to it you cannot escape the sense of joy that permeates the EP as a whole. You can tell these guys are really having the crack beating out this almost psychotic music and really don’t care if you like it or not. It’s fast, aggressive, fun music that completely lacks pretension which is rather refreshing.

It’s the type of thing I could imagine forming the soundtrack to some sort of deranged, whiskey and amphetamine fueled wreaking rage. I didn’t do anything quite so dramatic while listening to it although I did hoover my gaf at breakneck speed with it blasting through my headphones.

The EP flows rather well and the tracks themselves are rather short which makes breaking them down and analyzing them difficult. However, if pushed I would have to concede that the third track ‘Duran Duran’ is my least favorite. Overall though the whole EP is a joy, a psychotic blend of punk, metal, pop and rockabilly with tongue stuck firmly in cheek.

If you are a serious metal-head maybe avoid. But if you urgently need to smash up your gaf, weed your garden or do the dishes at breakneck speed while grinning demonically like a lunatic you could give this one a spin.

As a postscript I played this for my mother the other day fully expecting her to be horrified, surprisingly though she really liked it, which I think you all will agree gives it the ultimate seal of approval.