We Could Be Heroes

TV, Magazines, Radio, Music, Music videos, Films and Ads on the back of buses. Facebook, twitter and pretty much any site that can be viewed on a phone screen. All of these things all do the same job. Keep us informed about media world around us and make money from doing so.

With this is mind, some of the world’s most influential figures have been given a platform to speak to the masses and create a message for anyone who wants to listen. They dominate news headlines, Facebook, Twitter gossip, TV and advertising. And no, it’s not doctors or writers I’m talking about. It’s pretty much anyone who makes an unfathomable amount of money from just simply…existing. or so it seems.

Take, for instance, The Kardashians. Once famed for their father representing and winning the infamous OJ Simpson case in 1995. But since then, his daughters have become makeup and clothes models, reality TV stars and figures of the seemingly growing dimmer spotlight of the Hollywood machine of a talent albatross.

Some of the most prominent celebs in the media spotlight are serious party goers. From woman beaters to coke heads to good girl gone rabbit twerking monsters to crack heads and pretty much any form of being an addict with a massive bank account (something which can be seen as a get out of jail free card).

These people are considered role models. With the message behind their songs, films, shows, clothing line, perfumes, shampoos, make up, almost anything that can be sold as a product has been sold, except instead of a generic everyday brand, their name is on it, bumping up the price tag.

Product endorsements is not a big deal to the majority of people, but what does appear to be a concern is the fact that it would appear that pretty much anyone can be famous and have a platform for themselves. This is good news for anyone with talent. But what about those who lack the skills?

What happens is you get reality shows about a gang of 20 something-year-olds going out on the piles and painting the town red with fake tan and blood drawn from fist fights they unavoidably have. And then you have the viewers of such shows who gain the same mentality as the figures they see depicted on the screen and perceive it as ‘reality’. So they start getting the haircut and the lingo/slang, and drinking like those people they watch on a weekly basis. Possibly why you find 80% of the people in a club to be a wanker if they travel in packs.

And this is where things get dangerous. If someone is at a young age and all they see on television is lads and girls partying, fighting and fucking 24/7, it becomes socially acceptable for them to think they too can act that way. As a generation, they seem to be hard up for role models that actually do something other than expose themselves for the industry in order to sell records and drink and fight in mass numbers.

But then again, this is a general observation, surely there are differences of opinion and other people with different tastes and interest.

The fact remains, some of the most intelligent and creative people in the world lack even a fraction of the amount of power and attention than the average big name celeb has. In any case, the role models we see before us today can be split into two categories:

1) The talentless fuck up who will probably end up dead young
2) The hard working person who worked their way up from the bottom and deserve their fame and audience.

But regardless of anything we hear or read about the media and its dominant figures, a question springs up amongst a puddle of mass hysteria followers of good girls gone bad, twitter accounts and reality TV shows. The question is: Why do we even care about it so much?