Adult Swim has been around for a long time and has given us some brilliant comedies like Archer, Bob’s Burgers and of course Family Guy and they continue to create a vast amount of content. Sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss but every now and then a slice of genius creeps through and may I now present to you the latest golden nugget to be produced by Adult Swim.

rickRick and Morty is a fantastically weird cartoon about a Grandad who takes his Grandson on wild and crazy adventures. Sounds a bit dull doesn’t it? Well the thing that turns this into a magical show is that the Grandad in question is Rick, and Rick is nuts! He’s an insane scientist, think Doc Brown on crack plus he’s a foul mouth alcoholic to boot. But don’t understatement this uber cool Grandad, he is a genius, just a brutally honest, egotistical one.

Then there’s Morty, his harmless and dim-witted Grandson. Morty is a coming of age boy, he isn’t pure and innocent but he has a good heart. He’s also quite nervous and often emulates his Grandad especially in his style of speech. the voice acting of these two by Justin Roiland is superb by the way and he does a multitude of other characters throughout the show also.

Morty’s father is Jerry and is voiced by one of my personal favourites, Dr.Spaceman, Chris Parnell. He nails it completely, Jerry is not a fan of Rick’s and Rick does not like Jerry and the chemistry between these two is awesome. The cutting remarks and put downs from Rick are particularly enjoyable!

His wife, Beth, is voiced by the lovely Sarah Chalke from Scrubs and she is a refreshing cartoon mother. It is often alluded to that their daughter, Summer (Spencer Grammer) was an accident, in fact they blatantly say it. As a result of this, Beth has a lot of life regrets, she’s a vet but wanted to be a doctor, she regrets marrying Jerry and their constant squabbles about that fact are really entertaining.

Summer, the daughter, is an excellent character as well, she has a kind of dead pan attitudeĀ and has joined Rick on some adventures. She is cool but not too ‘American-girl popular’ she’s more rebellious and quite mature.

Each show tends to centre around some crazy adventure or disaster caused by Rick in some way. Often it focuses on the Rick and Morty relationship but they share the spot light with the other characters and episodes do not always revolve around them, though they do feature. The virtual realities are nonsensical, it was clearly a chance for the artists and writers to just go nuts and do whatever came to mind no matter how weird it seemed. Yet behind all the weird and wonderful lies intelligent humour, which is propelled the further each character is developed.

The family is not blind to the crazy adventures or virtual realities either, they often get caught up in something or try take advantage of the weird, advanced creations Rick has. The constant hopping between realities and story telling is really superbly handled and the jokes hit hard. The show is littered with references to pop culture as well as lampooning it, a lot. There is a fantastic episode that rips on TV with some really killer moments.

So far there has been one season which aired back in late 2013 and the second series is due out this year. If you plan to binge watch one show this weekend this is it, there are only eleven, 22 minute long episodes and what’s even more convenientĀ is that you can watch every single episode on this Rick and Morty YouTube page! And here is the first of those episodes, enjoy!