Folk rock Oklahoma 4 piece band West of Home released this EP on the 1st of April and while it does show great possibilities it never quite fully reaches the potential shown due to recording constraints. At times they show a hint of early Kings of Leon and Brit Pop but it never quite reaches those dizzying heights.

The album opener ‘So It Goes’ could do with stronger production values on the vocals but it does have a memorable chord progression that is very attractive. The second track on the self titled EP is called ‘Something New’ – “Just because it’s in your dreams, doesn’t mean it has to be” is the opening refrain present on the track and they really give it clout out before it kicks into an instrumental section which I really enjoyed . This song very much reminded me of the established Brit Pop band Suede which is rarely a bad thing. Again for me I was not fully won over by the vocals but certain artists and bands can take a while to appreciate fully on that front and they can grow on you.

The 3rd song on the EP ‘Outside the Lines’ was, for me, the weak point of the album, I didn’t really like this song. It just didn’t do anything for me at all and within 30 seconds of listening to it I wanted to turn it off and that can rarely be a good thing. The 4th song called ‘Tell Me’ draws you back in again with a strong drum section which lays down a strong tempo for the rest of the song.

The 5th song ‘Not quite’ had a huge Kings of Leon vibe about it and probably has the greatest commercial potential on the album and is an appropriate way to end the album as it’s not the finished product but it’s not far away and a few tweaks away from becoming a real Indie anthem.

This band needs top notch recording values to live up to the potential they exhibit from this EP. I just feel that throughout there is something missing. That little something that pulls them from the “almosts” among their peers and places them at the beginning of something better.

To sum up, they do possess a lot of potential. All they need now is the attitude and breaks required to achieve greatness.

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