I Don’t Care is the new EP from County Cavan natives The Whereabouts. Forming in late 2013, they’ve adopted a style that emulates rock and roll acts of forty to fifty years past. It’s an approach that’s garnered plenty of attention both at home and overseas. Their music has seen airplay as far afield as America and Canada, while domestically they’ve acted as support for a number of renowned artists, including Electric 6 and Imelda May.

The foursome travelled to Liverpool to record their EP, which is rather fitting given the obvious influence that bands such as The Beatles have had on their work. The result is a compilation of seven loud and lively nostalgic rock songs.

Title track, “I Don’t Care”, showcases a fervent and catchy riff alongside infectious vocals. It’s an energetic opener, channelling the glory days of rock and roll. New single, “Money and Fame”, features a bustling concoction of guitars and percussion combined with a melody that swells with character. The pace charges forward relentlessly, forging a piece full of life and vitality.

“Let Go of the Brakes” does a marvellous job of adapting a classic form for modern consumption through its strikingly old-school sound. “We’re on the Run” races along frantically in its wake, accompanied by instrumentation and vocals that unfold with a playful urgency.

“Emmalene” is an assiduous composition. Its irresistible tune makes for an involving listen. “Roadrunner” is another lighthearted number, flaunting fun riffs and spirited vocals. “Don’t Bring Me Down” follows up, making sure the enthusiasm doesn’t falter. Instrumentation that initially burns slowly takes off for short bursts at high speed before erupting loudly to form a riotous finale.

The Whereabouts sound like they were plucked right out of the sixties and deposited in the present day, which is certainly no bad thing. I Don’t Care is loaded with passion and diligence, giving the impression that the band are genuinely enjoying themselves as they perform. Their material’s engaging execution coupled with its retro rock and roll style should appeal to music fans of a multitude of generations.

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