Swedish duo Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and Fredrik Jonasson first met in 2011. After a successful collaboration on Jonasson’s 2013 solo album they decided to collaborate with the electronica act White Birches. It’s a Hollow World is the second second single from their forthcoming album Dark Waters.

The track opens with a prom-like slow dance beat overlaid with dark synth chords and distorted guitar. Gabrielsson’s mournful croon impresses an air of ennui onto the listener that compliments the track’s dark atmosphere. The gothic lyrics further lend the track a sense of melodrama.

The sound brings to mind a Depeche Mode influence, the track certainly has something in common with Enjoy the Silence. Despite the strong 80’s influence White Birches establish their own identity, setting themselves apart from other 80’s inspired acts with a shoegaze-like approach to tempo and tremulous vocal effects.

The track’s message is one of dissociation and apathy towards the modern worlds seemingly insurmountable injustices. Quoted, the band say:
“We have a feeling something is about to go terribly wrong. Growing class inequalities, people being banned from loving who they want to love, the growth of neo fascism in Europe, haters targeting feminists and LGBT-activists, anti-intellectual propaganda, slut shaming, and rape trial after rape trial ending in acquittal. There are a lot of things to cry about right now”

For fans of a darkwave inspired approach to electronica and for those who appreciate slow pop melodies with a distinctly gothic edge.

Written by Kyle Mulholland