Progressive folk ensemble White-Line Fever first began to take shape in 2014. Spearheaded by brothers Abbas and Ali Bracken, the project was inspired by prog-rock bands of the sixties and seventies. The guitar playing, singing siblings were soon joined in their venture by bassist Louis Wild and drummer Evan Prendergast.

With the line-up complete, the Cork based foursome headed to Claycastle Studios in Youghal to work on their debut recording with producer John Burke. Their vision was to forge a contemplative style of music through an experimental execution. This resulted in the recently released two track EP, Anomie.

“I See Icy Figures” begins the piece with light acoustic guitars that penetrate through ambient background elements. It’s not long before a hushed but resonant harmony sets in alongside some determined percussion. An atmospheric breakdown ensues after the verse before a prolonged mellow riff takes over.  The vocals remain distant upon recommencing, lending a celestial vibe to the proceedings. It’s a lackadaisical number that strolls along at an easy pace.

Another gentle riff introduces “Sirens in the Distance” amid a reverberating harmony. From here, things develop very gradually, initially adopting a soft sound. The tempo raises then for the verse while maintaining a tranquil quality. This is followed by an extended instrumental sequence which plays around with a number of different elements that run into each other. The band’s penchant for progressive and experimental methods is particularly apparent here.

White-Line Fever have produced a sound that is well suited to chilling out and unwinding. It’s the sort of material that can be played in the background without causing undue distraction while engaging in other tasks or attempting to relax.

Anomie is available now on iTunes.

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