Whitetrash has just released his first EP ‘Lostman’, a collection of songs which displays his devotion to the Americana cause. Whitetrash & the backing band Spearheaded Sparraw Hawks is a new Irish band heavily influenced by Americana. Whitetrash originates under the song-writing skills of Conor Doyle. Conor was born in Jacksonville and his music has always had a distinct Americana-sounding foundation. Billing himself under the moniker ‘Whitetrash’, Conor writes songs that hold true to the Americana ethos.

Conor’s distinctive voice has depth and authority. The raspiness in his voice, like that of a lion is no doubt inspired by the mountain lion himself Tom Waits.

The lyrics of the title track “Lostman” border on self-pity and loss. The persona that emerges from this emotionally charged ballad is remarkably candid. A song that’s heavy on the blues and sounds heavy on the booze is an ultimate winner.

“Release Me” opens with gritty riffs and a stompin’ kick; one of the faster tracks on the EP that gives us dynamite guitar solos. The opening of “Runnin’ Down The Mountain” takes on a more meditative and restrained tone and later grows in power and intent.

“Grave Robbin’ Man” opens with the sound of hard hitting rain, thunder and digging shovels in the graveyard. The song takes a new twist as the piano sets in and the banjo and strings help complete this eerie ballad. The female backing vocals whose twilight howls and dark cries haunt the proceedings. Its impossible to escape the feeling of abject loneliness that flows through the song. “Devil’s Chain” opens with shaking bells/chains and a simple acoustic guitar that suddenly explodes into a fiery rock and roll number. Awesome solos, awesome music.

Whitetrash took a dark tormented soul and turned it into a warm, incandescent light for us to bask in. Lostman is a blend of blues, country, folk, bluegrass & jazz. A dark, beautiful and hauntingly uncanny creation that’s proven hard not to get shivers listening to.