The hit US TV show Pretty Little Liars is drawing to the end of its fifth season and, with the juicy spring finale set to air on Tuesday March 24th, we cannot contain ourselves. Finally, after five seasons, nine character deaths and countless red herrings, the loyal followers of the show are going to be rewarded with the ultimate secret – the true identity of ‘A’. We found out at the end of the second season that the original ‘A’ was Mona Vanderwaal but there has been a bigger, more ruthless ‘A’ torturing the PLLs ever since. This ‘Big A’ has successfully landed all five of our Pretty Little Liars in jail in the shocking previous episode that aired last Tuesday. Alison DiLaurentis was found guilty of the murder of Mona Vanderwaal and the rest of the liars have been tarred and feathered as her accomplices.

The trailer for the final episode of Season Five suggests that the liars have been kidnapped and brought to Big A’s real life dollhouse. Avid followers of the show have only one question on their minds – who is A? We have been asking this question since the beginning of the show and now fans are ready for the big reveal, especially after receiving some hints from big names as the season nears the finish line.

Executive Producer, I. Marlene King, has hinted at the possibility of a twin theory, which stems from the original books written by Sara Shepard, in which ‘A’ turns out to be Alison DiLaurentis’ twin Courtney. However, producers have made it clear that the TV show will not follow that exact plot line and although Alison will not have a twin, somebody else might! With hundreds of fan theories circulating on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook it is easy to accumulate various clues dating back to the first season and when people start presenting evidence for their favourite theories, it is hard not to be swayed.

One of the most recent and popular theories is that Andrew Campbell is ‘A’, as he has been appearing often in the last few episodes as Aria’s love interest and he always seems to be up to something suspicious. Some die-hard PLL fans would still swear that Aria is ‘A’ whilst others have recently been accusing Hanna of being shady as well. Honestly, it could be anyone at this point, but what fans do have are some major clues from the inner circle themselves. As I mentioned, the executive producer, I.Marlene King, has dropped a few hints on Twitter and Keegan Allen (who plays Toby) has also said in an interview that ‘A’ has been there since Season One.

So our big clues are that ‘A’ has been in the show since the beginning and that the twin theory is an important part to the plot. Where does that leave us? Well, we are starting to doubt everybody and everything and we are still tearing our hair out in anticipation for Tuesday’s episode. Pretty Little Liars will run for another two seasons on ABC Family and it is also available on