Exeter alt-rockers Witterquick started out two years ago in a bedroom belonging to one of the band members before bursting onto the scene in 2015 with their debut single, “The Otherside”. Since then, the fivesome have sailed from success to success, selling out shows across the UK and winning acclaim from the likes of Kerrang Radio and BBC Introducing. Now they’re getting ready for the release of their inaugural EP, Beneath the Spinning Lights, on June 17th.

“Soldiers” gets things off to an engrossing start with pressing riffs which persist purposefully underneath very vibrant vocals in the verse. The music and melody erupt rousingly for a canorous chorus that captivates with its charismatic execution. Another slick stanza ensues ahead of a display of gripping guitars in the third minute. This is followed by a sequence of sobering instrumentation that paves the way to an extremely effective finale.

“Fade Out” storms off excitingly afterwards atop melodic music and sonorous singing. Its rhythm is riveting as it advances into a bracing breakdown just past the midway mark. A final heartfelt harmony takes over then to deliver an enlivening ending. “The Road” feels reflective in its wake, introducing itself via tranquil instrumentation beneath a solemn serenade. It all explodes energetically after the first verse without compromising its mellow mentality. The outcome is a heavy and hard-hitting affair full of feeling and fervour.

“Wayward Signs” stays sombre when it’s done, enchanting through affecting acoustic riffs and moving melodies. The whole thing keeps compelling as it drifts gently in the direction of a powerful finish. “Rise” is warm and arresting next, flaunting intense instrumentation amid a robust refrain. It’s a fantastically forceful effort that manages to bring the proceedings to a thunderous yet touching conclusion.

Witterquick have created an incredibly cogent compilation that doesn’t falter as it unfolds. Beneath the Spinning Lights succeeds in showcasing a wide range of emotions while staying stylistically steady throughout. This results in a remarkably well-rounded record that’s very much worth taking the time to experience.

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