Wolf Girl are a garage, indie-pop four piece band based in South London consisting of Becky Healy – Vocals and guitar, Chris Wood – Bass, Carl Farrugia – Vocals and guitar, Christabel Williams – drums.

The band just released their EP on the 17th of November through Soft Power Records and recorded at Bucket East Studios, on cassette no less. How do you find an edge in an industry that is riddled with bands just as eager, possibly as talented and with an edge you may not have thought of? Release the EP on cassette, no that’s not a typo, a genuine, honest to God cassette, for those under a certain age who aren’t familiar with the concept you may want to ask someone born before 1990 about the beauty of such a robust and physical entity that was the cassette.

Mama’s Boy have melodious vocals provided by Becky and Carl, catchy riffs and an overall upbeat, foot stamping feel to their songs, all of which have a distinctive style of their own instead of the typical blanketed style running through the EP. There is an obvious inspiration pulled from classic garage bands, yet with a far more upbeat feel despite the impression the name ‘Wolf Girl’ may give you.

‘I will be’ has a distinctly fifties vibe, where if it weren’t for the strongly featured electric sound you could very well imagine it being played in the background of a diner with preppy teenagers twirling about, laughing as they do so while sipping on a bottle of coke.

Why listen to Wolf Girl? They remind me of Regina Spektor in how their songs show influences from rock, indie, pop among others, and the style morphs from track to track leaving you guessing what comes next. Coupled with Becky’s vocal range from a serenade in ‘Samson’ to a far more mid 80’s alternative rock grunge like rawness in ‘Hear in your heart’.