Wozniak return with their new EP Auster, and its a good thing they did. Coming from one of the cradles of ice-cold heavy post rock/post punk/shoegaze – Scotland, they arrive with all the weight of an anvil. If you are new to the band, this would be a good starting point as it has all their hallmarks but also offers something new. Their lovely delayed guitar meanderings hide behind a blanket of distortion, while the individual notes of each chord fight their way through their distortion pedals like a sperm en route to an egg, where it arrives in the most fertile of fashion. As Metallica wanted to call their first album “Metal Up Your Ass”, I think Wozniak should call this EP “Wozniak Up Your Ass”. There are less taboos these days guys, so take note for your next release.

If I didn’t think music journalism was a futile art, I would say “”Gospel of Infinity” is the best Wozniak track of all time. But I do, so I have to say this instead: my opinion as an unqualified opinionater is as follows, “Gospel of Infinity” is my favorite Wozniak song IMHO hashtag YOLO”.

The closing track, “Hester and Zelda” is an 8 minute and something masterpiece. In a way, it seems to function like a historical museum walk-through of all the different stages of post punk and shoegaze in a linear fashion but with a solid grasp on all the reasons why this genre is always going to be here giving you as much tinnitus as you wish.

The opening track “Snow Effect” will be your favourite song, because I know it will, because music journalism is an air tight science. It’s got lovely wee whispery vocals and guitars that could only be tamed by an air traffic controller.

I have to cite the bass on this EP, as with most shoegazey tracks, the bass player tends to get told to ‘eff off’ but the mixing is deep on this  EP as a whole without losing its loud air. Ten points mixy man/woman.

This band are going to be around for a while so go check them out live. Their shows are preposterously loud and the energy between bass and drums is almost sexual.

Over and out of it.

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