The biggest moment from the Microsoft press conference was undoubtedly the reveal of the Xbox One X – formerly known as Project Scorpio. This beastly piece of tech, as executives described it – they REALLY wanted to emphasize the new console’s unprecedented power – is scheduled to release on November 7th for €499.

To demonstrate what the new machine could do – and “the ultimate 4K gaming experience” – the team launched into Forza 7. Correction: they shoved an ostentatious supercar onto the stage, then jumped into some gameplay.

Microsoft weren’t pulling any punches this year. For years Xbox loyalists have been begging for more games, and with over 40 titles premiered and highlighted, it looks like they’ve finally got their wish. Amongst the myriad of gaming goodies included Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus and smaller, yet very intriguing, titles like The Last Night and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

While the Xbox One X remained as the backdrop for the entire conference, it was the unveiling of Bioware’s new, post-apologetic IP, Anthem that really got tongues wagging. At first glance, the gameplay looks too good to be true, but if executed correctly, it seems Destiny 2 will have a genuine competitor within the next year or two.  But enough of my ramblings, you have 20+ trailers to tuck into, so let’s get started, shall we?