Swedish band YAST have just released their second single “Together Forever” off their second album “My Dreams Did Finally Come True”.

Together Forever is an ethereal and incisive combination of Mac Demarco’s blissful, hazy guitar sound, the morbidly introspective sounds of Deerhunter, and the abstract sonic richness of Tame Impala. Together Forever is immediately accessible and features plenty of long instrumental ambient passages to get lost in. This dream-like song cleverly merges the lead singer’s light vocal with gleaming guitar effects that add layers of texture and depth.

In 2013 YAST released their self titled debut album with a string of glimmering singles: “Believes”, “Strangelife”, “Stupid”, “I Wanna Be Young” and ”YAST” . Such singles took them to distant blogs and chaotic venues all around the world. In addition to this viral attention, they have played tons of shows during the year and performed alongside similar artists such as TOY, The Drums, Tame Impala and DIIV.

YAST have a psychedelic quality much like indie band Grizzly Bear. Together Forever contains swooning dream-pop, lambent guitars and lucid lyrics. YAST are alternative indie pop at it’s best. YAST have spawned a low key track with an effortless ease. 

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