It’s a bittersweet time for fans of American alt-rock ensemble Yellowcard. The prodigious pop punk brigade, who’ve been around in one form or another for almost two decades now, announced last week that they’ll be going their separate ways at the start of 2017. Having released an astonishing seven albums since the turn of the century and enthralled audiences the world over with their deep and meaningful material, these guys are undoubtedly one of the most profound and productive acts of modern times, so it will be sad to see them split.

Enthusiasts still have a lot to look forward to in the near future though, with a farewell tour and a final compilation both on the agenda for the coming months. In order to tease what to expect from the record, the quartet have just unleashed its enlivening lead single, “Rest in Peace”.

It fades in gradually as gentle instrumentation slowly evolves into an explosion of fast and affecting riffs which establish a merry but moving ambience ahead of the laid-back first verse. Sincere singing entices atop delicate drumming and invigorating guitars on the way to an ethereal chorus that succeeds in stirring up a lot of emotion.

Another touching stanza follows from here, enchanting with its tender tone before the whole thing dives into an exhilarating instrumental exhibition towards the end of the third minute. This eventually gives way to a quick and compassionate climactic chorus that puts a poignant cap on the proceedings.

Yellowcard have crafted a characteristically cordial and compelling composition that contains all of the elements that have made their music so unique and enjoyable down through the years. The fact that it acts as the catalyst for the last chapter in their long and distinguished career only makes it all the more hard-hitting. But for now, fans should take comfort in the knowledge that the band’s journey isn’t done yet, and if this song is a sign of what’s on the horizon, then they seem set to sail off into the sunset with their heads held high.


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