Yelpy’s long and productive history within the field of music began when his father offered to buy him a guitar for his 15th birthday. Throwing himself wholeheartedly into the task of mastering the instrument, the Irish born artist would put together his first band, Awakened, a year later.

While this served as a welcome distraction from the stress of school work, it wasn’t until he went to college and formed the ensemble Whover that he really began to get a feel for what it’s like to work in the industry. It afforded him the opportunity to play live all around his homeland and even allowed him to make some appearances on national TV and radio.

This preceded a musical venture with his sisters called Yellow Room. Once again, the singer/songwriter found himself gaining media recognition and touring extensively. After releasing two albums alongside his siblings, Yelpy ultimately made the decision to go it alone and headed west towards the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. It’s there that he crafted his debut solo single, “Feel It”.

Taking off with forlorn piano keys, the track soon adds a melancholy melody that’s rife with pain and passion. Purposeful percussion and poignant guitars erupt during the verse, aiding the loud and lamenting vocals in generating an affecting ambience. Pounding forward steadily, it’s a busy and bustling piece which remains consistently smooth flowing.

There’s a strong sense of torment and hurt within the heartfelt lyrics and stirring instrumentation. A moving musical interlude just beyond the halfway point really resonates ahead of the heavy and hard-hitting final chorus.

Yelpy has crafted an accessible pop/rock composition whose execution is extremely expressive and emotional. The vibrant vocals and accomplished instrumental skills keep things absorbing throughout, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive listening experience. “Feel It” is currently available for download on iTunes.

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