Niamh Moroney’s one woman show Yer Wan returns for a 3 night stint in Kilkenny’s Brewery Corner, starting tomorrow night at 7pm.

May 29th @7pm
May 30th @7pm
May 31st @7pm

Tickets are €10 and can be purchased on arrival to the show

Who’s yer wan?

“Well whadda you care? She’s just a girl who loves life, havin’ the craic, and especially going out on a Friday night. She’s out for the ride and nothing will stop her, even messing up her make up routine, and the heap of creeps that appear in her house every Friday evening (that’s you, audience). She’s going to have a good time regardless. She’ll enlighten you with a birds eye view into the mind of strong women. And as rude and vulgar as she is, she’ll share with you all her tips. Come creep on YER WAN, she doesn’t care, come to think of it, she’d love to see you there.”

WARNING: This show contains vodka, strong language and vulgar dancing. Be warned: it also features a paper thin cameo from THE Ryan Gosling.

“Ten fingers and ten toes. I don’t think I could shag someone who had an extra finger or somethin’, I probably won’t be able to focus on the ride, like if it was just hangin’ around floppin all over the place, I think I’d be freaked out. Like did ya ever hear about the fella  who had all his toes taken off his foot and put on his stump so he could have a hand like everyone else? I always wondered how his girlfriend felt.. Well actually now come to think of it she was probably delighted cos like she could have her arse squeezed again and she had probably given up all hope on that happenin’ ever again… Wow! That’s actually quite a romantic story. Hmmm….. Extra digits….”


Niamh Moroney is a writer/producer/live art maker who lives in Kilkenny where she works as a  director for Devious Theatre, lighting technician for the Watergate Theatre, producer for Fregoli Theatre, and devises her own work under the guise of TADA. Donna Rose O Keeney is her partner in crime. Donna, resident in Cork is a drama teacher and youth leader with Graffiti Theatre Company. Kevin Mooney of Devious Theatre sheds his directorial light on the work in Kilkenny, and Donna in Cork.

TADA are simply art lovers, who love to work together!

“TADA is the Irish word for “nothing”, which is what we had to start with, and now we have 3 beautiful shows and many more to come. We also think there is nothing we do that any member of the audience cannot to either. What’s so special about us? TADA!”

TADA began in 2011 with a residency in the TDC, Cork and from there has slowly slowly built up the steam to roll out the shows as soon as they come of age-we don’t hold back! Within our greater ensemble we have skills in circus, street performance, physical theatre, film, animation, visual art, curation and craft.


Catch Yer Wan tomorrow night @ 7pm in The Brewery Corner, Kilkenny