A film many critics are dubbing a masterpiece, You Were Never Really Here has stormed Cannes Film Festival and is on its way to the big screen.

Starring Jaoquin Phoenix (Her) and Ekaterina Samsonov (Anesthesia), a vicious vigilante endeavours to rescue a missing teenage girl. Phoenix plays the protagonist Joe and presents a truly unhinged man, who’s paramount brutality might just be enough to reap justice against a sinister encapsulation of corruption.

Think Taxi Driver meets Taken as a man possessed by childhood torment looks to save Nina. He will stop at literally nothing until he achieves his goal. You Were Never Really Here is directed by Lynne Ramsay. She’s previously won a BAFTA and many are hailing this upcoming feature to be her best work yet.

She specialises in shot for shot captures of intense beauty as seen in Ratcatcher. The frantic drama of every scene is what has called You Were Never Really Here to have had such a strong return at Cannes.

Ramsay won the Award for Best Screenplay and Phoenix won Best Actor. Anticipation is growing with pace. Amazon Studios has said this picture to be “one of the most high profile releases of the fall season”.

Phoenix’s emergence back onto the scene has caught many people’s attention after having an underwhelming few years with roles in Irrational Man and Inherent Vice. The performances he pulled off in Her and The Master were ground-breaking, and it’s about time for him to prove why he’s one of the world’s most respected actors.

John Doman and Alex Manette join the cast. Jonathan Ames is on the writing team having written the novella of the same title.

With little over a month before release, excitement can begin to grow for what could truly be an absorbing movie.

You Were Never Really Here will be released 14th October

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