‘Maggie’ is the debut single from Dublin-based indie-pop Young Earth, a group straight out of BIMM’s Dublin branch. It’s an upbeat, summery single with shades of pretty much any radio-friendly indie to have been released within the last 10 years. This isn’t to say the tune doesn’t work however, it’s a fun, refreshing listen that is catchy and simple in its makeup.

Propelled by a jangly guitar riff and bouncy drums the tune does little in the way of grabbing my attention for its originality or ingenuity in any aspect of its composition.

But guess what? I don’t really find myself caring! I think this tune does enough with what it has to get your foot hopping. To approach this with a magnifying glass and scrutinize every detail is to ignore the playfulness of this tune. Sure, the lyrics aren’t terribly deep, and the guitar riffs, drums and vocal melodies could fall into 50 other songs in the genre, but when all these qualms are put to one side this song is 3 minutes and 9 seconds of solid craic!

I have no better way to put it than that.