My Pick Youtube 2015: FunHaus

Nowadays, YouTube offers a whole host of shows, video podcasts etc to entertain you and for the best part they are all pretty good. But there is one channel in particular that I feel attention needs to be brought to. Let me start with some background info:

If you have never heard of Machinima, well you’ve been missing out. Machinima is a fantastic Youtube channel that offers a bit of everything (especially for nerds), movie news, tv, gaming etc.

A great show that currently streams over there is ETC News which is a  source for movie, TV and general nerdy news. The presenters, Eliot (@edewberry) and Ricky@rickyftw) are really funny, down to earth and see through a lot of Hollywood crap which makes it refreshing. Rather than another outlet reading out the latest press release, these guys tell it like it is and with a great sense of humour. Also, they recently started a great video podcast and had Tom Kenny (aka Spongebob Squarepants) on their last show which was so much fun and will be having Craig Robinson from Hot Tub Time Machine on there next so check that out.

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But there is more, let me introduce you to:

 @adamkovic , @brucegreene , @JamesWillems , @SeanPoole , @HarmonyGrits & @SirLarr

These 6 guys worked on a show on Machinima called Inside Gaming. If you are not into gaming, Do Not Stop Reading!! It actually doesn’t matter, I mean being a nerd is obviously a help, but you don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to watch these guys because they are hilarious. I’m not even entirely sure how to describe them, they are a group of young guys doing what they love with people they like! You can tell this group are genuine friends, you can tell they are truly passionate about what they do and they will make you laugh your ass off and enjoy it too!

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Initially, when I tuned into these guys it was through my gaming partner. He suggested I watch one of their daily gaming news videos, I did with little interest and almost immediately I wasn’t just laughing, I was asking, ‘Can they say that?’ because, these guys do not give a shit. They are not nasty or mean, they are intelligent guys, they just don’t filter- probably due to their passion on every subject they deal with. They are not just paid to talk about gaming, they live it and love it. You very quickly get to know all of the crew and you will like them, as it is impossible not to. Even a photo of Bruce on the toilet will not turn you off these guys.

It should, but it doesn’t.

The guys also do hilarious videos featuring them playing games, often online with fans, even if you don’t know what GTA V stands for, the gaming is utter madness and listening to the guys will crack you up. Then there were the drunk gaming videos, the team would play some random game like Super Smash Bros, and take shots every time they mess up or lose etc. The channel became really popular and they began generating more content such as a video podcast where you get the chance to hear them speak even more honestly on all sorts of topics.

To be honest I ended up looking forward to all segments. The gaming stuff, the Questions and Answers show where they took nothing seriously, the weird yet brilliant mini mockumentaries such as one about ghosts, watching them attend the various cons and gaming events, they even got to visit England through a fan funded kickstarter campaign!

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Perhaps one of the best things about these guys is that none of them are your typical ‘branded’ American host. These guys aren’t polished and in your face positive, they’re real, normal. They slag each other off, they have the craic, their humour is a brilliant blend of genres and their influences don’t start and end with ‘Merica, they mention watching shows like Peep Show, something you may not expect our US counter parts to be into or even to have heard of. They are all in or around the 30 mark age wise too, so expect great references to some of the most obscure childhood memories!

And then they announced they were leaving Machinima. 

But all is not lost!! The guys have just announced Funhaus their brand new channel (with Rooster Teeth ) and this may be something special. The reason I wrote this post was to promote this channel, even though all that exists on it so far are some brilliantly dodgy promo videos, this channel will be big.

This new-media age is still in it’s infancy and I believe we are only now going to start seeing the real stars emerge from Youtube and I can guarantee you these guys will be ones’ to watch.

As for the old Inside Gaming videos, well it looks as though Machinima has removed them from their Youtube Channel… But! The guys seem to have uploaded them to this lovely FunHaus Tumblr page! So head on over there and check these guys out!!@FunhausTeam

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