UK artist Yvonne McDonnell has returned to enthral audiences with a brand new record named Not Her Own. Following on from 2014’s elegant Endless Soul EP, it features four atmospheric tracks that more than meet the high standard set by the singer’s previous releases.

It opens with the ominous riff of “I’m Not This Layer of Skin”, which exudes an air of urgency ahead of the remarkably resonant refrain of the verse. There’s a chilling trait to the whole thing that keeps it compelling as it combines moving music with intoxicating singing to forge a fantastically affecting folk affair.

“The Savages” begins a subtle but steady build up next as a stunningly sonorous serenade impresses alongside unsettling instrumentation. The endearingly dark undertone established by the solemn strings maintains a foreboding feel going forward, while the impeccably executed vocals ensure it all lingers in the mind long after listening.

“My Own Advice” sounds sunnier afterwards, sprinting off upon upbeat riffs which uplift underneath more enchanting singing. The ambience becomes increasingly introspective as the proceedings progress, evoking a lot of emotion before the music and melody drift out gently.

“Proud of Her Voice” takes over then with a hushed but haunting harmony that resounds softly across tender yet thrilling instrumentation. The result is a delightfully delicate denouement that leaves a lasting impression.

McDonnell has delivered another extremely artful and exquisite assortment of songs here. Her superb singing skills coupled with the poignant personality of each piece makes for an incredibly classy compilation that should be experienced by everyone. You can head over to Bandcamp to have a listen for yourself now.

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