Following the promotion of her magnificently crafted Endless Soul EP late last year, folk artist Yvonne McDonnell has been hard at work readying new material to share with the world in 2015. We here at Pure M are thrilled to be able to present our readers with the exclusive online premiere of her first finished piece, “The Savages”.

Taking off with a chilling riff, it washes in through moving strings just ahead of a vivid and arresting harmony. The vocals are amazingly resonant and affecting as they cut across the solemn and stirring instrumentation. Developing a riveting rhythm, it builds subtly but steadily as the music and melody increase in tempo.

A forlorn and foreboding instrumental arrangement in the middle makes an immense impact, taking over the senses to evoke a strong emotional response. McDonnell’s outstanding singing voice returns afterwards, stunning with its power as it narrates the final lyrical salvo before arriving at the finish line.

This is a remarkably haunting and beautiful ballad, whose dark edge and heartfelt, flawlessly sung vocals linger in the mind long after listening. While its sound is something of a departure from its predecessors, it carries the same sense of poignancy and depth that made Endless Soul so enthralling. In fact, it may well represent its artist’s best work to date.

McDonnell will be doing plenty of promotion for “The Savages” in the coming weeks, so be sure to go out and show her some support if you live in the London area. Her next performance is at The Finsbury on May 24th as part of the Warchild Festival, with subsequent shows scheduled at The Dublin Castle in Camden on June 3rd, The Star By Hackney Downs in Clapton on June 10th, Earl Haig Hall in Crouch End on June 19th and The MacBeth in Hoxton on June 24th.

For full details on upcoming events and updates on when you can get your hands on a copy of the new single, head on over to Facebook and Twitter.

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