We-Are-Z : Walkaway single review

London based indie-pop act We-Are-Z first formed in 2013 when musicians Gabriel Cazes, Clement Leguidcoq, Drew Wynen, Marc Arciero and Guillaume Charreau discovered they shared a chemistry perfect for collaborating together. Between them, they have clocked up a vast and fascinating array of life experiences that include globe trotting between America, Russia and Mongolia, magic skills, playing bass for international megastar Beyoncé and apparently even “squabbling with Russian mafiosi”.

Self-producing their material in their own studio, the subject matters of their songs cover a wide range of somewhat unorthodox topics, such as cosmetic surgery, drug abuse, self-destructive behaviour and crazy nights out. Following on from the single “Airbrush” late last year, the band’s latest creation, “Walkaway”, hit digitally on May 18th.

The new track explodes into a riotous bass line and percussion ahead of colourful synths and a melody that charges forward at a vigorous velocity. There’s something rather compelling about its wild and raucous style as it dances into a quick and quirky chorus. Continuing to bounce playfully along through its second verse afterwards, it maintains a rather tongue-in-cheek, carefree attitude. An energetic and absorbing riff follows, running next to a plethora of chaotic musical motifs. This eventually teams back up with more vivacious vocals as the whole thing skips merrily over the finish line.

We-Are-Z certainly seem to have a good time making their music. This rather unconventional and lighthearted pop/rock composition comes with a cheeky demeanour that affords it an undeniably fun feel. The weird and wacky sound it generates invites letting loose and enjoying oneself. You can find “Walkaway” on iTunes now.