Italian electro duo A Copy for Collapse first sprang onto the scene with their debut album, The Last Dreams on Earth, in 2013. It’s been full steam ahead ever since for members Daniele Raguso and Aria Myrskya, who have stayed extremely active both on stage and in the studio. After releasing their Lucid Dream EP last year, the pair are back again with a new full length record, Waiting For.

The ten piece endeavour takes off with its title track, featuring a loud and bracing opening before building expectantly towards pressing percussion and swift synths. Ethereal vocals eventually begin to resound across the mesmerising music, washing in and out on the way to the finish line. The result is a fast and forceful electronic anthem.

“Confusion” is a more glitzy number, characterised by sparkly synths that afford it an urgent and otherworldly ambience. “Alone” erupts into purposeful percussion and a pounding beat afterwards, then slams on the accelerator to charge vigorously forward. It’s an extremely energetic and determined undertaking, never slowing down for a moment.

The disorientating introduction of “Dusk” prefaces a frantic rhythm, which is given a curious quality by high-pitched synths which ring out over the pressing percussion. It constantly ups the tempo and increases in momentum, maintaining an ecstatic edge all the way through. “Another Chance” wails out of its wake into an adventurous collection of electronic elements that feel like they belong in the score of a tense action movie.

“Light” is another purposeful piece that stays busy and bustling, exhibiting some cutting synths amid arresting percussion. There’s something quite creepy about the reverberating beginning of “Lost in Decay” afterwards. This feeling persists behind a thrilling tumult of bracing beats and airy electronics to forge an effort that remains rousing until its end.

The background motifs of “No Failure” echo through the air as if they were recorded live in an arena, affording it a rather theatrical trait. “Triangle” takes over as a fast and forceful effort, with percussion that seems defiant and disaffected, while the rest exhibits an exasperated attitude. This paves the way to “Grey Sunday”, which serves as an anxious and ominous finale.

A Copy for Collapse have put together a riveting record whose refusal to stop to take a breath will leave you feeling as though you’ve just run a race after listening to it. While its heavy electronic execution is unlikely to afford it universal appeal, its passion and intensity are undeniably invigorating. Waiting For can be found on iTunes now.

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