American post-punk act Pylon originally sprang onto the scene from the state of Georgia in 1979 and, despite announcing they were breaking up in 1983, continued to play together sporadically down through the years until the tragic death of their guitarist Randall Bewley in 2009.

With vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay declaring that the band died with Bewley and she, bassist Michael Lachowski and drummer Curtis Crowe deciding to direct their attention towards other endeavours, it seemed that the story of Pylon was well and truly at an end.

However, half a decade later, in 2014, when Hay was asked to perform a set of the ensemble’s songs at an event exploring art and music created between 1975 and 1985 in their hometown of Athens, she opted to accept the request and was backed up on stage by the band Casper & The Cookies. The performance received plenty of praise from those present and what was supposed to be a one-off collaboration turned into a spiritual successor to Pylon comprised of Hay and Casper & The Cookies members Jason NeSmith, Kay Stanton, Damon Denton and Joe Rowe.

Now, the so-called Pylon Reenactment Society are hoping to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in their own right with the release of their new EP, Part Time Punk Session. The fantastically feisty six track record opens with the enthrallingly upbeat riff and wonderfully raw refrain of “Feast On My Heart”. The music maintains a merry ambience as the vocals reverberate rousingly across the senses on the way to the alluringly light instrumental introduction of “Beep”. Three minutes of enticingly forceful yet friendly guitars and singing follow from here before “Buzz” arrives to arrest with its relaxing riffs and mellow melody.

“Precaution” is a lot more frantic afterwards, exhibiting barrages of brilliantly bracing vocals atop a plethora of compellingly peculiar music. “K” grows gradually out of its wake, starting with a subtle bassline that sets the scene for an assortment of entrancingly urgent instrumentation and intoxicatingly distorted singing. This is succeeded by the seductively soft serenade and laid-back but enlivening guitars and percussion of “Crazy”, which goes on to guide the proceedings to a captivatingly cool terminus.

Pylon Reenactment Society have put together a pleasant yet peppy post-punk compilation here that somehow simultaneously soothes and stimulates as it unfolds. Its delightfully dynamic melodies mixed with its amiable but energetic instrumentation gives rise to an absorbingly atmospheric sound that should appeal to a substantial array of alt-rock enthusiasts.

Part Time Punks Session is available for purchase via now.

Pylon Reenactment Society: Part Time Punk Session (EP Review)

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